Getting Good At Networking Is Like Learning To Have Sex

As a result of this I get business owners asking me all the time for the secret to successful networking. How can you get a huge return on your investment? After thinking about this for a while I think I’ve got the answer.

Networking is like learning to get good at sex.

If you think I’ve gone crazy allow me to elaborate. I’ve broken this down into points to make it easier to follow:

1.) Discovery

When you first find out about networking you don’t really know what it is. You don’t know where to go. You don’t know how to do it properly. You’ve just heard that everyone else is doing it and you feel like you should be as well.

Can you remember the first time you heard about sex? Not the birds and the bees talk your parents gave you but the first time you spoke about it with your mates. Everyone was pretending that they did it and that it was great whilst in reality nobody had a clue. I remember finding out about sex and vowing that I would find a way to do it as soon as possible.

When you first start a business you probably haven’t heard of business networking. Then one day you are with your friends and they suggested it’s something you should do. You didn’t really know what a networking event is but it seemed like a good idea.

2.) Sleeping Around

When you first start having sex you aren’t necessarily looking for a long term relationship. Some people just want to sleep around. And even if you are looking for a relationship it generally doesn’t work out. I remember at university the last thing I wanted was a relationship, I just wanted to have fun.