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Close Up Magic

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Craig is best known as one of the greatest close up artists in the UK. His coin manipulation is out of this world, performing feats of magic many magicians would be proud of. The art of manipulating coins in fat and skilful flourishes has taken Craig years of practise to perfect. This dedication to perfecting his routine is nothing short of amazing. 


He’s far from what you would call an ‘average magician.’ As a successful businessman of two magic entertainment companies, it’s no coincidence Craig’s expertise is in magic. His skills are far from unnoticed. He was once described by Magic Week (one of the top magicians’ journals) as the greatest living coin manipulator in Europe. Magic Scene also awarded him the distinction of "The Performer to Watch in 2009.”

History Of Close Up Magic

Craig Petty, close up magician standing with his hands in the pockets.
  • In 2008, Craig became an associate member of the Inner Magic Circle with a Silver Star and was only the third person in history to ever be awarded this position straight from joining.

  • In 2009 and 2010, he was invited to represent England in the European Championships of Magic.

  • In 2013, he became British Magical Society Parlour Magician of the Year and was invited to compete in the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ Close Up Championships.

  • In 2020, Craig started up Magic TV, a platform that allows magicians all over the world to access free information on a daily basis that helps them grow and improve as performers.

  • In 2022, Craig launched The Netrix, subscription based platform for magicians to come and talk about these tricks together as they watch the latest downloads!

  • Craig has won other numerous awards through his career including The John Pye award for excellence, the 3SM champion of magic, and the Northern Magic Circle Magician of the Year.

Hiring Craig for your event is one of the best decisions you will ever make. His magic routines are out of this world and will leave your guests in awestruck. Check out some of Craig’s performances below.

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