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Wedding Magic

A Bride looks amazed and joyed as she examines a magic trick performed by Craig Petty while her guests look on.

Craig is well renowned for his wedding magic. His close up magic and sleight of hand skills are out of this world. Let’s be honest, your guests spend most of the day standing around the venue. Half of your guests probably don’t even know the other half. Having Craig perform magic at your wedding is a great ice breaker. He will mingle with your guests by performing mind blowing close up miracles right before your spectator’s very eyes.


Having Craig perform close up at your wedding will guarantee your guests have a fantastic experience. He will mingle with your guests and include everyone in the experience. Unlike stage magicians, Craig will walk around and interact with everyone. Everyone will experience that WOW factor and reflect on their memories with Craig for many months to follow. Wedding magic leaves an impression with your guests like no other.


Regardless of whether you’re looking for close up magic during the reception or table magic throughout the event, Craig will deliver. He works with your venue to make sure no times conflict with each other as well as accommodate your every need.

Why Book Craig For Your Wedding

Unlike most magicians, Craig is an exceptional cabaret magician.  Many happy couples will book Craig to perform a hilarious stage show during the evening reception.  This is a great way of bringing the energy levels up in the room and ensuring your evening guests experience the WOW Factor from the second they walk through the door.


He was once described by The Stage Newspaper as "Like Derren Brown On Speed".  Craig is a two time winner of Britain Does Variety on Sky TV and has performed on TV over 30 times.  If you want your guests to experience an amazing show that combines comedy, audience interaction and magic then Craig delivers.


* There will be lots of times during your wedding when people are waiting around. By having Craig perform close up magic, it keeps the energy up in the venue and gets everyone excited.


* Magic acts as a conversation starter or an ice breaker. There will be people at your wedding that don't know each other.  Craig is an expert at bringing groups of people together and creating conversations that will last throughout the whole wedding


* Craig adds the WOW Factor. Your guests aren't going to remember the colour of the chair covers or whether there were fizzy cola bottles on the sweet stand.  They will remember the memories and experiences that are created throughout the day and into the evening.  Having Craig perform magic will be remembered for a long time.  Your guests will be coming back to you for months talking about his performance


* If you have a photographer at your wedding their job is to capture amazing photos.  They will find this much easier if you book Craig.  When people watch Craig perform their reactions say it all and your photographer can capture these reactions for you to look back on forever.

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