What an entrepreneur can learn from The Paw Patrol

I have two kids, a five year old boy and a two year old girl. Both of whom are obsessed with a children's TV show called Paw Patrol. If you haven't heard of the programme before, the concept is simple - A boy called Ryder lives in a place called Adventure Bay. He has a team of talking dogs and is an expert at building gadgets. Each of these dogs is skilled in a particular area (fire safety, police work etc) and between them they go on missions and save people.

Adventure Bay doesn't seem to have a fire department, a hospital or a police force. Instead the Mayor of the City (who is completely crazy and spends most of her time talking to a chicken) has put all her faith in a teenager and his pet dogs.

As you can imagine I have seen every single episode of the programme about a million times. I have also spent a small fortune on various Paw Patrol toys, clothes, figures and gadgets. One thing is for sure, the makers of the programme really do understand the concept of merchandising!

Anyway the other night I was watching Paw Patrol and I began to realise that entrepreneurs can learn a lot from watching the programme. You probably think I've gone as crazy as the Town Mayor, getting business advice from a chicken. But if you bear with me you'll see I have a point!

1) Ryder and the Paw Patrol never get stressed, no matter what is happening.

It doesn't matter if someone is drowning or if a monster is attacking the town, it doesn't phase

them. In fact Ryder's catchphrase is "No job is too big, no pup is too small!"

This is something we should try to emulate in our businesses. Nobody ever makes good decisions when they are stressed. The best thing to do is to make sure that you don't stress or wait until you have calmed down before you make any decisions. Whatever is stressing you out will probably have been forgotten about in six months time. So if it won't be an issue in six months down the line, don't make it an issue now.

2.) The Paw Patrol are prepared for every situation.

Ryder must spend his life either building more vehicles or training his dogs to deal with every situation. No matter what random thing happens in Adventure Bay he has the solution immediately. This comes down to being prepared.

Once again this is something we should do in our businesses. Have you ever worked out all of the different things that could go wrong in your business? It's important to do this because once you have analysed potential problems, it will allow you to come up with solutions before it happens. It's called being proactive instead of reactive. If you accept that nobody makes good decisions when they are stressed then, this is perfect. You won&#