Learn To Say 'YES' or how I went from never speaking to Keynoting at The Business Show in le

Did you realise I am a motivational business speaker? In the last few months I have spoken at events up and down the country. I talk about how to take your business to the next level and throw a little magic in as well. On the 18th May 2017 I keynoted on the main stage at The Business Show at Excel in London, I actually closed the show. If you want to see the sort of thing I did check out this video

So how did I go from having no speaking experience a year ago to keynoting at The Business Show within one year? I learnt to say YES. I am fairly certain a lot of people reading this, if they are really honest with themselves, fail to say YES to opportunities right in front of them. However doing so can change your life. Let me tell you about four times I said YES in the last year and how doing so has changed my life.


A year ago I saw a Facebook post about Bradcamp, Specially 'Be A Better Speaker'. This is an all day course run by Brad Burton teaching people what they need to know to become a speaker. I didn't know Brad that well at this time, just by reputation. I also had no intention of becoming a speaker. I thought that Bradcamp would be a good thing to do as I might pick up some tips I can use on stage as a Magician. However I easily could not have gone, it's not like I needed to go. I could have saved my money and my time.

But when I was asked if I would like to sign up to attend I said YES. Sometimes people shy away from paying to attend courses and educating themselves. My attitude is simple we are always learning. The day I think I know everything is the day I quit.

I can honestly say attending Bradcamp was the best thing I could have ever done. Absolutely life changing. Which brings me onto YES number two.


At the end of Bradcamp, Brad took me to one side and asked if I would like to be on Speaker Seeker - his speaker agency. This was a huge deal as Speaker Seeker is very difficult to become a part of. I would never have been asked to be a part of Speaker Seeker if it wasn't for saying yes to coming on Brad Camp. Obviously when Brad asked me about Speaker Seeker I said YES however that is not the second YES I'm talking about, that happened the next day.