What Can A Business Owner Learn From A Magician?

My name is Craig and I am a magician. I do magic, if you are really that interested here is a video of what I do!

Allow me to be honest for a minute - magicians as a general rule are terrible business people. Now I am aware that I am generalising and that there are some magicians that are fantastic business owners. However this is the exception rather than the rule.

Most magicians forget that when it comes to Show Business there are two words 'Show' and 'Business'. Magicians will happily spend hours learning a new move to help with the show side of things but they will spend next to no time or energy improving their business.

I met a magician the other day who is technically very gifted and also very respected within the magic community. I asked him what he does to generate leads; he told me he does nothing and hopes that the phone will ring. This is a very common attitude among the magic community.

This is one of the reasons myself and my company have been so successful. We aren't doing anything special, all we are doing is putting in place systems and procedures to ensure that the company runs smoothly. I have competitors call me all the time asking for help and advice and when I tell them what they need to do, they rarely listen.

The irony here is that business owners can learn a lot from magicians. There are certain things that magicians do that have applications in the business world no matter what the industry. Here are a few examples of how you can use a little magic to make your business more successful:

Think A Few Steps Ahead Of Everyone Else

A good magician thinks several steps ahead of the audience. While you as a spectator are wondering how the coin vanished, the magician will be trying to work out how to take your watch. Within your business you should be doing the same thing. Everyday you should be thinking long term. It's no good taking each day as it comes. You need to have short term, medium term and long term goals. Planning ahead is very important.

Be Prepared To Change Things Up

It's rare for a magician to tell you ahead of time what is meant to happen at the end of the trick. The reason for this is simple, if something goes wrong mid trick the magician can change the outcome without you realising that he has done so.

The perfect example is an event I performed at last night. A made a gentleman's £20 note vanish and I wanted to make it appear in my wallet. However this was not possible so I slipped it into his pocket instead, without him realising. At the end of the trick the money appeared in his pocket - a great trick. Although if I had said at the beginning that the money would appear in my wallet, the trick would have been viewed as a failure.

In business we have to be prepared to change even if we have a plan in place. This might be because the current plan isn't working, there might be an obviously better way to do things or an opportunity presents itself. Another example of this, is that I have recently opened a letting agency. I had no plans to move into this industry at all. However an opportunity presented itself and I took it. It's important to be prepared to change and to look out for opportunities to