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Stop Blaming Other People For Your Mistakes

Anyone that has been following me on LinkedIn for any amount of time will know that I am a magician. My company ‘Slightly Unusual’ provides magical entertainment for corporate events and weddings up and down the UK.

I have been a magician my whole life. I started learning magic when I was a Red Coat at Butlins when I was 18 years old. Since then I have been performing all my life, firstly as a way of making money through University, then part time and finally as a full time performer.

I am very proud of my company Slightly Unusual. We work with some massive companies and our year on year growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. However over the years I have made many mistakes and continue to make mistakes today.

In my opinion the key thing about making mistakes is that when you make a mistake you have to take ownership. This is something I couldn’t understand when I was younger. I used to never take responsibility for problems that I created. But then I grew up and realised.


If you have the perfect life, you are happy with your income, your business and your personal life then that is your fault. However if you are not happy with an aspect of your life then equally that’s your fault as well

Not happy with your business? It’s your fault

Not happy with the amount of money you have? It’s your fault

Whatever you are personally not happy with? It’s your fault

Within the entertainment industry there are lots of people that blame others rather than taking responsibility and therefore ultimately fixing whatever is the problem

I had a bad show last night - lets blame it on the audience

I’m not getting the amount of gigs I want / need - blame it on other performers / agents taking all the work

I’m not showing up on Google - blame it on Google

Seriously the amount of excuses that fly around within the entertainment industry is amazing. I am sure it is the same for other industries however my experience is within the entertainment industry.

I run another company called Non Stop Kids Entertainment. It’s a children’s entertainment company providing children’s entertainers throughout the UK. I have had other entertainers attack me on Facebook and social media. They say that because my company does thousands of parties every year they are getting less work and suffering.


There is more than enough work for anyone in any industry. However instead of looking inwards and trying to see what is wrong with their marketing and systems they look outwards. It is easy to blame somebody or something else than to admit that what you are doing is failing.

When I changed my mindset and I started trying to fix the things I wasn't happy with instead of blaming others for my failures THAT IS WHEN I BECAME MORE SUCCESSFUL.

So the message with this blog is simple.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your life rather than blaming others look inwards.

Try to determine what you can do to improve your situation and then make it happen.

Look at mistakes as a good thing not a bad thing. A mistake is an opportunity for you to improve

Never give up

Thanks for reading

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