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If you really want to know what Craig's motivational talks are all about, this is the video to watch. Craig explains at 4Networking how magic and motivation call help you in business. Craig is controversial but tells you all the vital information you need to here to be successful in business.

Whilst at The Business Show in 2016 . Attracting 25,000 businesses to London twice a year, the show is completely free to attend and provides world-class expertise on everything needed to improve, evolve or expand a business in any department or industry. Craig performed some magic with Brad Burton's new book 'Now What'.  Brad is the UK's Number One Motivational Business Speaker.  Check out his reaction when Craig read his mind.


Networking can be extremely helpful for your business, however you need to be in it for the RIGHT reasons. Here's a list of absolute cockwombles Craig has had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting during networking events. Top tip for today - Don't be a cockwomble! 

Welcome back to our Nothing But The Truth vlog series hosted by our CEO, Craig Petty. Craig has dealt with internet bullying pretty much his whole life, so in this vlog he addresses the topic and shares an example of a recent situation. 

Did you know Craig has been kicked out the Magic Circle?  There are various reasons why but one of the reasons is this video.  In 2016 Craig taught viewers of 4NTV how to perform simple magic tricks with business cards top create a magical first impression.  The Magic Circle didn't like it but networkers around the world loved it!  Here is the most controversial video 4Networking has ever published

Craig also performs on stage.  He is part of the award winning illusion show Slightly Unusual.

Slightly Unusual are one of the finest comedy illusion acts in the world. Their routines for corporate events, TV appearances and weddings have become legendary. He also performs his own award winning cabaret show.  In fact The Stage Newspaper described Craig as 'Like Derren Brown on Speed'.  Here is his personal Cabaret Showreel so you can see Craig in action on stage when he is not speaking.
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