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Craig has had huge success in business, he has gone from rags to riches and has built 4 multi million pound companies in 5 years.  However he hasn't gained all his business knowledge from 'normal' sources. Craig has learned a lot from a variety of television shows and movies. Below are a few business tips you can learn from some of the worlds most popular series and films.

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We all know how successful Walter White became in his respected field during the length of Breaking Bad. So we thought we'd put together a video explaining how entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Heisenberg himself!


Craig is the CEO of Maximise Success and an internationally successful motivational speaker. He has built 4 multi million pound companies in 5 years and spends his days teaching business owners how to do the same!

Our CEO, Craig Petty has been a professional magician for most of his adult life. On top of this, he has set up 4 very successful companies and knows his stuff when it comes to business. In this video he shares some top tips that entrepreneurs can learn from his expertise.

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