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Craig Petty

What can a magician teach you about business? It’s a great question when you consider that many magicians are terrible business owners!


Craig knows that magicians make terrible business owners because for many years he was one of them. Picture a failing magician, struggling to make ends meet, with awful gig after awful gig. From his early days as a door-to-door salesman to the times he was booed off stage and then mocked by a rapper, Craig knows failure on a first name basis.


So what changed? He did. He realised that the only thing that could change his world was him, and he needed to take control and apply himself. After becoming a father he realised he needed to step it up and build a stronger and more financially stable future.


After recognising that without working on his business there would be no show, he set goals, learnt many lessons, and became an astute businessman.

Now Craig speaks on national stages about how he grew his four highly successful businesses, and shows everyone how the dark world of magic helped him to become a success - and how those lessons can help you and your business.


Sharing stories of misdirection, planning for the worst, and following your dreams, Craig has entertained audiences from Rolls Royce to The Business Show in London with story after story. He merges his storytelling and vital life lessons with powerful stage presence and the odd magic trick thrown in, too.


Telling lessons learnt from the worst shows he’s ever done to the superstar gigs that no magician would ever dream of doing, Craig will motivate you to make the change; leaving you and your audience buzzing, motivated, and empowered.


The magic circle didn’t like him, but you’ll love him! Be prepared to be motivated by the bad boy of magic…

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