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The Magic Circle Is Irrelevant

Okay that statement isn't particularly true however how the general public perceive the magic circle to be more important than it actually is. Laymen (non magical folk, non magicians) seem to think that hiring a magician that happens to be a member of the Magic Circle will guarantee a better performance. This simply isn't true.

Now don't get me wrong, the Magic Circle is a great magic club, it's held in high regard and has a lot of members. However a magician does not need to be in the Magic Circle to

become a professional. The Magic Circle is not some sort of governing body that rules over all the magicians in the UK. It's simply a magic club.

It doesn't even have the honour of being the oldest magic society in the U.K. That honour falls to The British Magician Society in Birmingham. There are many Magic Circles around the UK. The Magic Circle is simply another magic club.

So what happens at the Magic Circle? Members meet and show each other tricks and watch lectures from visiting magicians. They put on shows for

the general public and there is a library and a museum you can look round. As magic clubs go it's a good one. Due to its location in London they have a lot of visiting magicians attend. Their building is very nice with a custom built stage etc. The members generally have a good time.

In order to get into the Magic Circle you have to pass an audition (just like most other magic clubs) and over time you can progress from just a member to a member of the Inner Magic Circle with a Gold Star. In addition to all of this they hold regular competitions for close Up magic and stage magic.

Now let me tell you what the Magic Circle does not do. It does regulate the industry in any way shape of form. For example if I decided to teach the general public how to do magic and expose lots of tricks there is nothing they could do about it. They couldn't put me out of business, stop me from trading or interact with me in any way. All they could do is stop me from renewing my membership or kick me out (which has already happened to me and didn't affect my business at all).

Another example if I was a terrible magician and every audience booed me off stage the Magic Circle could not do anything about this. They couldn't send me a cease and desist and

stop me from performing. They are completely powerless unless I am a member.

So why am I writing this article? The reason is simple. The greatest trick The Magic Circle has ever pulled is to convince the general public that the organisation matters or indeed that they are relevant at all. It annoys me that many good magicians are passed up by bookers just because they are not in The Magic Circle.

Some of the best magicians I have ever seen are not Magic Circle members. They are kids that have taught themselves magic and then became really good without ever knowing that the Magic Circle exists. In this day and age you can become a professional magician by studying online and never interacting with other magicians. In fact some people might say this type of experience makes the performer more unique and special.

Likewise some of the worst magicians I have ever seen are members of the Magic Circle. There are performers that attend the Circle every week and they are truly terrible. Watching them perform magic is an embarrassment.

Now don't get me wrong they are some great performers in the Magic Circle. Some absolutely awesome performers. However The Magic Circle has nothing to do with why they are so good. It just happens to be a building these awesome performers have decided to hang out in.

I am one of the few performers in the world that was accepted into the Magic Circle without auditioning. I lectured to their members and on the back of lecturing they invited me to join. However they inducted me straight into the Inner Magic Circle with a Silver Star which rarely happens. I was a member of the Magic Circle for years.

A couple of years ago I got in trouble with the Circle. Several members did not like me offering a package to corporate clients which exposes simple illusions. I was not allowed to renew my membership and I am no longer a member. When this happened if I told you I wasn't worried I'd be lying. I was constantly thinking how not being in the Magic Circle would affect my business. After all I constantly get asked by non magicians if I'm in the Magic Circle.

I needn't have worried. My business has gone from strength to strength the last couple of years. I simply tell clients that membership to the Magic Circle does not guarantee a great performance. What guarantees a great performance is my skill, my ability and most importantly my experience. In fact I am now known as 'The Bad Boy Of Magic'

This is an important business lesson. We tend to stress over things that we consider to be important. Problems occur in our business and when they do we get ourselves all worked up. We assume it will have a detrimental affect. In reality no matter what happens in our business we will get over it. My friend Croz Crosley says that whatever is stressing you at the moment; in 6 months time it won't matter. If you believe this to be the case don't let it get to you now.

The Magic Circle is the perfect example. I got stressed because I believed leaving the Magic Circle would affect my business. In reality it did but it was a positive effect. One of the big reasons I have achieved so much success in the last few years is because I was no longer in the Magic Circle. I was getting worked up over nothing.

I digress. The point of this article is very simple. If you are booker, an entertainment agency, an event planner or an event organiser understand one thing. When hiring a magician for an event there are several things to consider. The experience, the look, the style and the ability of the performer are all important. The acts photos, client list, performance footage, TV appearances, social proof and testimonials are all important. Whether you believe the performer is the right fit for your event is important. This is the sort of information you need to make an educated decision about whether a particular performer is suitable for your event.

What is not important is whether they pay to be a member of a magic club that anyone can get into without any real world performing experience at all. The Magic Circle will not guarantee a mind blowing magician for your event. It just means the performer in question pays to be part of a magic club in London (even though it's a very good one).

Thanks for reading. If you would like a very good ex member of the Magic Circle for your event feel free to contact me.

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